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Sessions and Fees


Sessions can be performed in person and over the phone (or Skype phone at the Sherman Oaks location only).

We offer two locations for your convenience:

~*~The Sherman Oaks office is conveniently located near canyons and the 405/101 freeways, in a residential area with free street parking. This location is private, and welcoming for an exclusive one-on-one without distraction. Phone and phone Skype (per request) are a clientele favorite! We ask clients to come or call on time but not earlier than their designated time to ensure that all guests get the time and attention they deserve.

This venue is only available by appointment on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Same day appointment is not available in this location. The Sherman Oaks scheduler will show availability during our business days based on your choice of session.

If you do not see what you would like, it means that the time you have in mind is already taken or it is not falling within our office hours. The booking system restricts any request set "today"; instead you must schedule at least 24 hours prior to your desired time.

Important: schedule yourself separately from any friend you may come with who wishes to have a session. In this example, you would set up your own appointment, and then another session with your friend's information, including their email address and cell number - if you do not, you will be financially responsible for that second appointment if that person decides to waive the service or not to come. 

If you have problems with the Sherman Oaks booking, you can email us detailing your issues. Prices shown in the scheduler are final and non refundable, subject to change without notice for future scheduling.

You can pre-pay your session while booking using PayPal or Square (select the option during your booking), or by entering your gift certificate number (select gift certificate option during booking) as it is simple, safe and you can print a receipt. If you wish to buy a gift certificate, you must select on the top left screen "gift certificate" (marked in red).

If you live outside of the USA, you must pre-pay in order to secure your appointment or your appointment will be automatically canceled; choose Paypal or Square while in the booking system

You can also pay at the time of the session with a credit card (payment with Square), gift certificate number, or with cash (no check or Echeck is accepted). As a service business, tips are appreciated. If you know what type of session you desire, book yourself now!

All private clients must read and agree with our terms of service as we do charge for last minute cancellation or change, and we do not accept clients who once no-show. Further down on this page, there is a list of services that will help you choose the right reading for you! We ask that all clients follow our etiquette.

~*~Our second Venice location is great if you need a last minute session as it welcomes walk-ins and appointments for Sylvie on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

You will book your appointment and pay Mystic Journey bookstore directly, according to their fee schedule and service options (prices are different). All communications about your Venice appointment is handled by the Mystic Journey front desk, and they are under the store's responsibility; we do not handle any adjustment regarding appointments set up at that location. Changes in service and fee are set by the establishment and may apply at any time without prior notice.

The Venice location is a retail store with a busy and noisy environment, situated in the very touristic area of Abbot Kinney where no private parking is available; street parking is scarce and we recommend you give yourself plenty of time as punctuality is appreciated. You will need to check in at the front desk or call for payment if you have a phone session at least 5 minutes before your appointment time.

We urge clients to double check their confirmation emails to ensure they did book at their desired location as each schedule is independent and service is non transferable from one location to another


Intuitive Sessions
 help answer and assess your current situation and what may take place within a short period of time. 

Those sessions are suitable for a lot of different life inquiries, for example business coaching or to address personal or relationship issues or to simply evaluate pending choices. Such sessions can be part of a life coaching program in which the client comes once a month or as a psychological support to the client who may be facing a lawsuit or a divorce.

On the other side of the spectrum, intuitive sessions can be fun and entertaining to discover the near future and the outcomes of every choice or opportunity that may be presented. Many clients find the experience insightful and therapeutic to clarify their mind and enhance their focus. A reading with Sylvie can provide hope and rekindle joy on a bad day!

Note: Sylvie Steinbach uses mainly her Lenormand cards and a Crowley tarot to support her gift, even though she can sometimes surprise her client by sharing other esoteric knowledge. Intuitive sessions are available at both locations.

Mediumship is for individuals who have lost a loved one or need closure regarding the circumstances of a passing. Those sessions bring up a lot of emotions and need to have enough dedicated time to complete. Clients have witnessed psychic validations of life after life following a session. 

Note: Select the appropriate service when you book since Mediumship requires one hour at both locations

Karmic Astrology is an amazing experience performed only ONCE because it covers the lifetime of the client! 
Using the Natal Chart, Sylvie unveils the past life (lives) on record (knowledge and issues) and why the person decided to come back (life purpose). She reveals the main key elements (professional, personal, family and social areas) of the current life, the possible challenges and how to turn that knowledge into a powerful tool for change. You can watch this video for more information.

We advise that you book your karmic astrology session at the Sherman Oaks location, in order for the experience to not be rushed; if the Venice location is more convenient for you, you need to book ahead and choose an appointment time of 5:30pm or 5:45pm for this service. An earlier time would allow another client to book after you, limiting your experience as a result!

Note: this 2 hour session MUST be recorded on the client's preferred device for future reference. Older clients (55 and +) have been able to confirm the accuracy of such a reading at over 90%. The requirements to perform such a feat is an accurate time of birth in order to draw a reliable natal chart. If you are unsure, this service is not indicated. When booking, provide the date and the exact time of birth as well as the location (town/country) in the message box set for the request... 

Tutoring Lenormand
 is an actual private lesson about the Lenormand cards for those who are in love with the famous 36 Lenormand oracle or want to use the deck at a professional level. The training can be performed in person or via Skype at the Sherman Oaks location. Sylvie Steinbach is one of the world experts on the oracle performing readings for over 35 years with the Lenormand. 

Note: Lenormand lessons need to be one hour, up to two hour long which can be selected as "tutoring" under the Sherman Oaks scheduler. For the Venice location, book one or two hour generic session.

Sherman Oaks Referral Program
We now have a referral system for the super-influencer client. In the Sherman Oaks scheduler, you have a question "who referred you?" in the intake form. Always provide the name of that person! When a client uses your name, you are automatically enroll in our program. This fantastic opportunity is only available for the Sherman Oaks location and coupons can only be used for the Sherman Oaks appointments.

Every trimester, we will look at the names listed; if your name comes up 3 times, and those referred new clients got a session during that cycle, you will receive a coupon for 
20 dollars off our regular 30 minute reading.

If 5 of your people become clients? You will receive a coupon for 70 dollars off a one hour session! If 8 new clients use your name? You will earn a FREE one hour session!

Your reward coupon will be sent to you, via the email you provided in your booking form, to be redeemed within 3 months through the Sherman Oaks scheduler, at your earliest convenience (regular coupon will be valid for 3 months only). 
So keep referring Sylvie on your website, at your office, among your friends, and start reaping the rewards!

each 3, 5 or 8 referrals must be new clients during each trimester (Jan/March, April/June, July/Sept, Oct/Dec) to qualify. All clients are automatically enrolled in our referral system. Discontinuation or changes to the referral system can be effective without prior notice. 

Sherman Oaks Gift Certificates
What if you want to buy gift certificates? You can click on the top of the Sherman Oaks scheduler, where it says "Gift Certificate Purchases". Follow the prompt! Your recipient will get your gift via email or you can print your gift certificate if you wish to give it in-person. But the email will allow your person to book easily their gifted session by using the link in the email body.

Questions? Email


Sherman Oaks Private Office Scheduler

Returning Sherman Oaks Client? You Can Use "Schedule Appointment" On The Main Page!

1- Select your service/length and time zone (depending on where you are in the world) and your day/time of preference. Prices are current and set in US Dollars. The scheduler is showing what is available on what day and at what time. Choose what is convenient.
2- Select "continue" in order to access to our form. Make sure you provide a cell number so we can send you a text! Do not forget to write the name of the person who referred you if applicable (see our referral program details). If you are redeeming a discount or gift certificate, enter the code in the appropriate section so you can get your discounted session or free service. If not, pay now with PayPal (highly suggested) or decide to pay later (by providing a credit card at the time of the session). 
3- Double check that you booked your appointment correctly! If you made a mistake, no worries, you can edit or delete right on the screen. 
4- Wait for the confirmation email sent to the email your provided. If you change your mind later on, you can use the link in the email to change whatever you need up to the day before the appointment... Mark that email for future reference in order to find it quickly in your email folder. 
If you are a first time client, please take the time to read our client etiquette so you help us be on time for your appointment.

When you book a session, you will receive emails to remind you of your appointment time and date. Keep the email as you can cancel or reschedule using the link embedded in the content. Do not use the text number to correspond, provide feedback or to request appointments in the future. Use the confirmation email or our email system instead. 

Note: 4 weeks after your session, you will receive a "Thank YOU" email. Please do not answer back since it is sent by our automatic service.

You can no longer change or cancel 48 hours before your session time. You will have to pay a fee to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you don't show up, your session needs to be honored at the full price for the time reserved. If you don't, you will not be able to book any session in the future until you have remedied the situation.

You need to be on time when calling or coming in-person at the Sherman Oaks location. However, we can not take you early or have you run over your time; another client may be finishing a session or coming after you with the same need for answers. We appreciate your punctuality and understanding in this matter. If you arrive much earlier than anticipated, there are coffee shops in the area and the Woodman mall within 5 minute drive.

If your arrival is late beyond 10 minutes, you may end up with a shorter session but you will have to pay for the full price or, when possible, get your full session time but pay for the time lost by adding the amount to the original fee. See our terms of service and if you do not agree, please do not book. 

Texting or calling Sylvie to let her know you are stuck in traffic may not exempt you from compensating her. So do plan your visit by giving yourself plenty of time for any traffic problem. 


When booking a session, you agree on the following terms of service; if you do not agree with those terms, please do not book a service. We would like to reinstate that there are fees for last minute cancellation or change as well as no-show detailed in the rules below. Take the time to read carefully. 

Fees are set on a minimum of half hour at the Sherman Oaks location and increase by 15 minute increment thereafter. Prices can change without notice but once an appointment is booked, the old price will apply if a fee increase takes place between the time of booking and the time of service. There is no refund or partial refund when using a service for any reason.

Booking a service does not imply or warrant the right for "free following", by email or phone, after the session has been performed; the option suggested to the client to record the session using their own device is an opportunity to re-listen and take in the information shared. Sylvie does not remember session details once the service has been provided.  

Clients should book enough time to cover any important question since a session is limited by a specified block of time. Several appointments are booked per day, therefore extending the session beyond the allocated time may not be possible. If an extension can be provided, the client is expected to pay for the extra time. 

When the appointment is confirmed via text, clients are asked to not share the texting number or use it in the future to request an appointment. All clients must use the website scheduler to book a session following the business hours and days of the Sherman Oaks practice. For the Venice location, clients must contact the hosting establishment directly.

Clients can also use the confirmation email sent to them after booking to correspond for any reason. The confirmation and subsequent reminder emails contain a link to the appointment. Clients should save those emails in order to easily change or cancel their appointment up to one day before the session. 

However the system does not permit any change within 48 hours of the appointment so clients need to call or email to request a change or cancellation. As a result, a 50% fee (half of the original fee for the length you booked) is expected to be paid to compensate for the inconvenience. 

Additionally if there is a no-show or a cancellation within 4 hours of the session time, payment in full is expected. Payment must be processed before any new service can be scheduled again. 

Any failure to pay for service will be reported to the appropriate instances if no acceptable remedy is provided on the day of the reading. So please, have several modalities of payment at your disposal on the day of your reading to avoid any issue

If Sylvie Steinbach must reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of your session or is late beyond 15 minutes for your original scheduled time, she will offer you free additional reading time to compensate for the inconvenience.

Late arrival beyond 10 minutes will limit your session to the remaining time for the full original amount! When possible, you can pay for the extra time needed in order to experience your original reading length - depending on availability.

If you plan to book several sessions for a group, make sure you leave a message in the scheduler form and have accurate contact info for each participant. Email your intentions and any details pertinent to what you have in mind. You can use the confirmation email sent by the scheduler to correspond as well.

In order to avoid fraudulent use of credit cards, someone else's credit card will not be accepted; you need to use your credit card, with your name or/and your business name unless Sylvie talked to your credit card holder to clear payment before booking. 

The services you receive are for entertainment only and are not substitutes for professional service such as medical, legal or financial advice. Sylvie Steinbach makes no warranty or offers no guarantee onto what is being discussed and urges all clients to exercise critical thinking and due diligence when it comes to resolving their issues. Booking her services implies that you have read and accepted all the terms set above. There is no refund or partial refund on any or all services rendered.

Our credit card transactions are fully secured and we have earned our security seal to attest our compliance to safety and privacy.


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