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Sylvie Steinbach published in 2007 the first English literature exclusively centered on the Lenormand Oracle (the 36 Lenormand deck called 'le petit jeu' in French). "The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle" introduced her innovative approach to reading the cards called the 'No Layout' system.

Her presence on the web and her free teachings on Aecletic Tarot and Lenormandnz forum created a lot of controversy since the traditional way to reading the deck was layout based and mainly relying on a large spread called "le Grand Tableau".

However for many Lenormand devotees, her approach to the oracle added a new swing to its history and started a resurgence of interest around the cards in the Anglo-Saxon countries that knew little about this oracle while creating excitement in Western Europe. More decks and books got published and today, anyone wanting to learn the Lenormand cards will find an array of layouts, methods and decks to play with...

"The secrets of the Lenormand Oracle" became its own language in the Lenormand community when it was nicknamed the SLO (pronounced 'slow') and a No Layout, a NLO (pronounced "nolo") by students and followers.

Sylvie Steinbach called her method the "No Layout" because the reader does not follow a preset map of positions when choosing the cards out of the deck; the Celtic Cross (tarot) or the Grand Tableau (traditional Lenormand) follow a specific layout as seen on table clothes for novice readers to practice the positions' influence. 

Sylvie introduced the concept of "keycard", related to the concept of "charging" a specific card with a name, concept or thing, to activate the oracle and enhance its accuracy. This process was unknown in traditional Lenormand until the manual was published.

The Secrets of The Lenormand Oracle showcases an intuitive approach through a basic 5 card No Layout, to offer the audience a quick start to reading the cards. However, the No Layout is not a simple "5 or 7 card" line-up, it goes beyond such simplicity to include layers of interpretation based on specific approaches that could not be shared in this introduction.

Sylvie Steinbach demonstrated over the years, online and in her live teachings worldwide, that her Lenormand comprehension and skills are unmatched when it comes to show how the cards speak to the reader. Her "No Layout" has impressed many seasoned readers, and many of her students have become Lenormand professionals while a few stepped up as new leaders in the Lenormand literature. 

"Dear Sylvie, I finished all the threads and completed all the exercises... It was awesome, a great experience, I totally enjoyed it, and learned a lot, thank you so much... Your book is a wonderful treat! I have it with me all the time even though I already know what is written inside... It was easy, learning your system since I was already swaying away from the classical one. You are a great teacher and it was really an honor :D Warm wishes". Rana George's personal tribute - April 2009. 

"The Secrets of The Lenormand Oracle" is a must-have, a classic manual and resource for the Lenormand practitioner, available on Amazon, the book depository, and at fine retailers around the world. If you are a beginner or you seek to take your Lenormand cards to the next level, online classes are available now. Check our events!


Released in December 2018, the first introduction in English on the most revered oracle in Europe, the Secrets of Belline Oracle is finally spreading the words on this little known divination deck in the United-States and Anglo-Saxon countries. With the blessings of the Belline family, Sylvie Steinbach shares her professional knowledge on those mysterious and very symbolic 53 French cards.

Originally crafted as a personal deck in 1840s France by professional Seer, Mage Edmond, the oracle was brought to the masses by another notorious psychic, Belline who came to fame in the 1960s. Sylvie Steinbach purchased her first Belline in the 1980s, and brought it to the United States years later. 

With the Secrets of the Belline Oracle, Sylvie Steinbach shares her insights onto the original meanings attributed by Edmond and Belline, before expanding onto modern card readings, sharing different layouts to answer any question from relationships and careers to healing, past life and mediumship. 

Sylvie Steinbach's book contains illustrations on the 53 cards and on her practical layouts to ease the beginner in how to interpret them. The Belline Oracle has found yet again its new embassador as the Lenormand did when Sylvie Steinbach first published her Lenormand best-seller. If you are into the esoteric arts, the Belline oracle will fascinate you by its symbolism and Marseille-style cards

Available on Amazon and soon, the bookdepository and other fine retailers. You can click on the book cover to be redirected to the Amazon page for the Secrets of the Belline Oracle. Courses will be offered on the subject in 2019!


By Sylvie Steinbach - copyright 2013

Sylvie Steinbach released in February 2013 a new Lenormand deck, the STS Lenormand Oracle, specifically designed for psychics and clairvoyants to trigger insights and promote spiritual healing. Each card illustrates a predominant Lenormand symbol, a discreet corresponding playing card reference, and soothing artwork to facilitate the oracle's message. 

True to the traditional Lenormand symbolism, the deck emanates the atmosphere of a lost era, both mysterious and evocative. Two versions are available, the original edition in gorgeous colors and its counterpart, the Black & White edition as an embodiment of the 1930's. A masters set combining both versions is also offered for those experimental readers who would use two decks at once or need several people cards in multiple combination layouts. 

The STS letters set on the deck's back comes from the initials of the author and the idea of the T used to symbolize the Tree of Life with two Serpents (S) facing each other; this is an ancient depiction of the Garden of Eden, or Mu, on which the serpents of knowledge and wisdom are wrapped around.

Feedback from STS Lenormand customers

Sue: "I received my deck today. They are beautiful I love them."
Veerle: "My cards arrived today! I really like them, also did a reading with them. The cards are very beautiful and it's easy to associate them with the NLO meanings!"
Dennis: "I just received mine today. The colors are amazing and I was able to immediately connect with the cards :)"
Donna: "I received the cards this week and they are beautiful"
Lisa: "I received it today, it is truly lovely"

Bobbi El - November 2014


The STS Lenormand is a great oracle for beginners who need strong visual cues to speed the learning process; each symbol shines through without distraction or unwanted details. Each card displays discreetly the card's reference number, the card's title, and its playing card correspondence; our copyright is on the bottom right.

First released in March 2013, the STS color deck attracted a lot of attention with many of its cards featured in various professional publications. The Poker size was the original format, but the Bridge version, added in 2014, became a favorite for those with smaller hands. 

STS Color or Black & White versions are composed of the 36 traditional cards in a card stock of 300 msg. We offer two sizes, Poker STS Lenormand 2.5''×3.5'' (63.5mm×89mm)  and Bridge STS Lenormand 2.25''×3.5'' (57mm×89mm). 

13 bonus cards are added in the opposite color scheme. For example, if you get the Color STS Lenormand, the bonus cards will be in Black & White to distinguish them from the first 36 colored symbols. However, the back of the deck will be in color, including the bonus cards to blend them in. Bonus cards are for all versions:

- extra man, woman, and child (perfect for adding extra people to your spread)
- house and tower (real estate inquiries made easier)
- book, dog (extra pet), fish, ring, heart, ship, letter, and fox for business and love questions.

Bonus cards are not meant to be duplicates; they are different so they can be used within a spread as additional subjects, things or sentient beings.

Each deck comes within a sturdy clear plastic box and a little white intro is emailed in attachment in your order confirmation. 

The STS MASTERS Combo is made of two STS Lenormand (COLOR AND B&W), available in POKER and BRIDGE size options.

In addition to the 36 Lenormand symbols (36 x 2 in this master set), we have BONUS people cards: an additional set of man, woman, child and dog in color but with a black & White back version, and an other set of man, woman and child in Black & White with a color back set up. Those cards are meant to be used in addition to a spread that may require to look at two dogs or two lovers.

As you can imagine, this combo of two decks can be used in so many ways; this is a tremendous value for 2 decks and since it is a heavy set, it will not come in a plastic box but shrink wrapped instead. 

All our decks are available for purchase at our Etsy store, TheLenormandOracle
We ship worldwide for a flat fee.

Are you looking for a different style of Lenormand decks? The Alone Lenormand is a beautifully designed set from a Russian artist named Alone who entrusted us to offer her second edition in BRIDGE and POKER size, and set in a clear sturdy plastic box. The second edition shows the illustrations and the playing cards in full display. There is no cropped image in contrast to our retired first release!

The deck has a few BONUS cards such as the old man and woman, in addition to the young man and woman cards. A new fox replaces the first edition fox and you will receive the owls (first edition) and the new "singing" birds. This version contains both book versions (open and closed). You will notice that the ring card is now reversed in contrast to the first edition, per the artist Alone herself. She also has removed the heart card background.

If you wish to have the complete Alone collection including the images of the first édition, we offer the Alone Lenormand Steinbach Deluxe Edition 2018. This POKER size édition is printed on the best quality paper from Germany (330 msg), and features gold gilt edges. The illustrations have not been cropped or framed, allowing the playing cards to be in full display. The reproductions are under the express permission of the artist Alone, except for some custom cards under Sylvie Steinbach copyright.

The deck includes the second rendition of Alone, 36 Lenormand cards, plus the following extra cards:

- the older man and woman,
- the alternate singing birds,
- the alternate closed book,
- the alternate fox,
- the first édition of the Alone heart.

Additional cards by Sylvie Steinbach are:

- the joker representing all precious things,
- the alternate key with a green jewel,
- reversed house, child, dog, ring,
- reversed young man and woman,
- reversed older man and woman.

This set is exclusive to our store, and can not be found in this version anywhere else! A must have for any collector.

You can find our Alone collection 
in our Etsy store, TheLenormandOracle
We ship worldwide for a flat fee.

We offer also the STS Color Deluxe with gold gilt edges, and the STS Black & White Deluxe with silver gilt edges - POKER size only!

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