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~*~ Mercury Retrograde Influences ~*~

Mercury or Hermes was the messenger of the Gods, and his duty was to relay messages between mortals and Deities. Ruling the mind and any movement in space, Mercury Retrograde affects negatively travel, contract, relationship and any communication including whatever we use for transport (cars, planes) or to connect (computer, phone, email and more).

Although the planet does not physically go backward, the optical illusion from the Earth appears to reverse the planet's course in a noticeable way three times a year! During those awkward periods, any serious initiative should be postponed until retrograde ends. 

Enterprising any important project in a retrograde would be subject to complication, confusion and delay at best. Only actions meant to fix or amend previous problems would be met with success. 

It is interesting to notice that commercial pilots seem to be aware of the negative impact of our little friend as they observe an increase in flight grounding due to mechanical problems, resulting to flight cancellation or delays.  

Once Mercury goes back direct, the atmosphere seems to relax even though the side effects of the retrograde can still affect many daily tasks until the "shadow" ends. The shadow is the time Mercury takes to return to its initial position before it started to journey backward.

We have the following Mercury retrogrades for 2018:

  • Mercury finishes its shadow period from its December 2017 retrograde until January 29th 2018.
NoteLunar Eclipse (supermoon) takes place on January 31st, 2018 at 5:27 am pacific time, in Leo at 11 degrees 37 minutes. A Solar Eclipse follows on February 15th at 1:05 pm pacific time, in Aquarius at 27 degrees and 8 minutes! 
  • Mercury retrogrades on March 22, 2018 at 5:19 pm PT (Pacific Time) at 17 degrees in Aries. The planet goes back direct on April 15, 2018 at 2:21 am PT, 5 degrees in Aries. Its shadow lasts until May 3rd, 2018.
  • Mercury again retrogrades on July 25, 2018 at 10:03 pm PT (pacific time) at 23 degrees in Leo to return back forward on August 18th, 2018 at 9:25 pm PT, at 12 degrees in Leo. The shadow will last until September 1st, 2018.
  • Mercury will perform its last 2018 retrograde on November 16, 2018 at 5:33 pm PT (pacific time) at 13 degrees in Sagittarius to go back to direct on December 6, 2018 at 1:22 pm PT, at 27 degrees in Scorpio. The shadow will not end until December 10, 2018. 
Note: Lunar Eclipse (full moon) will take place on July 27th, 2018 at 1:20 pm Pacific Time at 4 degrees and 45 minutes in Aquarius. The Solar Eclipse is set on July 12th at 7:48 pm PT, at 20 degrees and 41 minutes in Cancer. Another Solar Eclipse is expected in August 11th at 2:58 am PT, in Leo at 18 degrees and 42 minutes. A 

Those data are from Pocket Astrologer 2018 Pacific zone from the great Jim Maynard - a great tool for all professional astrologers.

Article published in December 2017, copyright Sylvie Steinbach.

Your 2017 Year Through The Lenormand Cards

January 2018

The Heart and the Scythe

“The art of letting go”

This new year begins with cleaning the old to bring the new! You may still feel nostalgic regarding past lovers, a relationship you had to walk away from in 2017 or uncertain about an emotional connection influencing your life right now. The Lenormand cards advise you to disconnect from those attachments so new healthier relationships can enter your realm. Initiate this step with an open heart and a firm belief that you deserve better. 

February 2018
The Fish and the Storks

“Empowering your future”

The Fish is your ability to be independent and free while the Storks bring beneficial changes. This powerful Lenormand chemistry suggests that you should look for ways to create additional incomes, set forth lifestyle choices that are your own instead of following someone else’s. Your business may grow significantly in the course of February. You could even move your work location to a more comfortable space. Implement your ideas now for a better tomorrow! 

March 2018
The Clover and the Sun

“Being at the right place, at the right time”

The Lenormand cards announce a month full of success through opportunities! You may get lucky and a work offer may come to your attention; embrace it as you will do well. The energies around you will get you through any challenges. It is a good time to take a risk as long as you know what you are doing. Good fortune will smile upon you if you follow the signs. 

April 2018
The Mice and the Book

“Facing the unknown”

April will be challenging since the Mice represent stressful circumstances; a project may have a deadline and you aren’t sure you can get it done on time, or you may not know how a specific situation will turn out and this may bring discomfort and sleepless nights. You can find the resources you need to face what stresses you; the information or the people you will meet this month may turn out to be significant in 2018. 

May 2018

The Mountain and the Storks

“Fly like a bird”

This Lenormand combination is like a bird finally flying out of its cage. The first part of the month may feel like you can’t move forward. But in fact, the mountain is a test of patience; not everyone is ready when you are. Instead, use that time to prepare. Cross your t’s and focus! All obstacles will be removed to set you free. You will feel the shift and the movement that the Storks promise will carry you on. When that time comes this month, move forward quickly and enjoy the ride! 

July 2018
The Man and the Whip

“It is hot in here!”

The Lenormand cards predict new individuals entering your social circle. You may feel a strong physical attraction for one person; the attraction may be mutual or one-sided. However, the Whip may also personify a competitor or someone you may share physical activities with. Maybe you will have a new agent in the office who will challenge you to upscale your game or you may meet at the gym someone who can become a training buddy? The intensity of the Whip needs to be channeled in a positive manner; if not, the person could start unnecessary drama in your personal life. 

June 2018
The Key and the Stars

“Reaching for the stars”

A major accomplishment can be expected in June! Your ambitions may be met by an incredible offer or you may be asked to showcase what you can do and reap the rewards from your moment of fame. You could meet a celebrity who inspires you or receive a prize or recognition. Because the Stars rule technology, a new computer, a new car or completing a major online project may be part of the possibilities. June should be an exciting month for many of you! 

August 2018
The Crossroad and the Mountain

“Patience is a virtue”

You may feel stuck this month of August; the Mountain is like a wall standing on your patch! However, combined with the Crossroad, it reminds us that we must take our time before choosing where we want to go as several choices may stand before us. You may not know what to do next? The Mountain suggests that waiting is good. If you want to do too much, you may need to slow down. If people don’t get back to you in timely fashion, this message confirms that the delay has its purpose. Use that moment to reflect on what you truly wish to accomplish. 

September 2018

The Stars and the Tree

“Enjoy your harvest”

This Lenormand duet is reassuring for those of you who worked very hard as rewards are on their way. You may see improvements in your health due to better lifestyle choices or you may experience a strong surge in your career that will take you to the next level. Personal matters are moving forward to grant you what you wish. Your life will expand in ways that pleases you, creating a stronger YOU! 

October 2018
The Stars and the Snake

“Be the light within the night”

The positive Stars must confront the darkness of the Snake! You are ready to speak out against those who stand in your way! Expect to solve any outstanding issue this month as success is within your reach despite the obstacles; the strategy is to replace who or what is not participating to your fulfillment. You must believe in yourself while the Stars are guiding your steps. 

November 2018
The Bear and the Fox

“Building a better future”

This month’s center stage is set on career and finances! You will have an opportunity to improve your financial outlook either by clearing some debts or cutting specific expenses. Moving up onto the corporate ladder is possible as long as you understand the politics of the office. If it is a promotion, it will go hand to hand with a significant raise and increased responsibilities. For those working independently, you will experience a better cashflow but expect to work a lot more in return... 


December 2018
The Key and the Lily

“Counting your blessings”

December will be quiet and full of memories as you meet with friends and family. Some news may bring peace of mind or you may go on the vacation of a lifetime. The Key reinforces the effect of the Lily which represents our sense of satisfaction for a job well-done or a life well- lived. You could finish a project that was on-going for years, you could finally retire or let go of a career knowing that you served your time. On a spiritual level, 2018 could be the end of a way of life! Moving abroad, welcoming a first child or starting a brand new business could be on the agenda for 2019... 

Happy New Year 2019!

This Lenormand Forecast is shared with Mystic Journey Bookstore every year - Come and check our Lenormand 2019 when we approach the Holiday seasons. 

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