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~*~ Mercury Retrograde Influences ~*~

Mercury or Hermes was the messenger of the Gods, and his duty was to relay messages between mortals and Deities. Ruling the mind, and any movement in space, Mercury Retrograde affects negatively travel, contract, relationship, and any communication including whatever we use for transport (cars, planes) or to connect (computer, phone, email and more).

Although the planet does not physically go backward, the optical illusion from the Earth appears to reverse the planet's course in a noticeable way three times a year! During those awkward periods, any serious initiative should be postponed until retrograde ends. 

Enterprising any important project in a retrograde would be subject to complication, confusion, and delay at best. Only actions meant to fix or amend previous problems would be met with success. 

It is interesting to notice that commercial pilots seem to be aware of the negative impact of our little friend as they observe an increase in flight grounding due to mechanical problems, resulting to flight cancellation or delay.  

Once Mercury goes back direct, the atmosphere seems to relax even though the side effects of the retrograde can still affect many daily tasks until the "shadow" ends. The shadow is the time Mercury takes to return to its initial position before it started to journey backward.

The following Mercury retrograde periods are for Pacific Time zone. A shadow is the process Mercury takes to return to its original position before it retrograded. The effects may feel like it is still retrograde but you can proceed with most of your initiatives during that time.
  • Mercury will retrograde for the first time in 2019 in March, on the 5th at 30 degrees in Pisces at 10:19 am. It will go back direct on March 28th at 6:59 am at 16 degrees in Pisces. The shadow will last until April 16th.
  • Mercury retrogrades again on July 7th, at 4 degrees in Leo at 4:15 pm and will go back forward on July 31st at 8:58 pm at 24 degrees in Cancer. The shadow will last until August 14th.
  • Mercury finally will retrograde for the last time on October 31st, at 28 degrees of Scorpion at 8:42 am. It will go forward on November 20th, at 12 degrees in Scorpion, at 11:12 am. The shadow will last until December 7th. 
Eclipses are worthy astronomical phenomenon that may affect your life in a big way. So we listed next when you will observe those aspects.
  • Solar Eclipse on January 5th, 2019 at 15 degrees in Capricorn. Time: 5:28 pm. Lunar Eclipse on January 20th, also a supermoon at almost 1 degree in Leo. Tme: 9:16 pm.
  • Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019 at 10 degrees in Cancer. Time: 12:16 pm. Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, at 24 degrees in Capricorn. Time: 2:38 pm.
  • Solar Eclipse on December 25th, 2019 at 4 degrees in Capricorn. Time: 9:13 pm. 

Those data are from Pocket Astrologer 2019 Pacific Time zone from the great Jim Maynard - a great tool for all professional astrologers. If you are in Eastern time, use this Pocket Astrologer 2019 with your specific times. Article published in November 2018, copyright Sylvie Steinbach.

Your 2019 Year Through The Lenormand Cards

January 2019: the Book and the Birds 

The Book embodies knowledge acquired through studies; you could start a new training this month or you may decide to further your education in 2019. Projects coming to your attention may involve partnering with others. The Birds bring new encounters, insights into present situations through conversations. If you attend a workshop or a mixer, you will make new friends who will enrich your personal life. 

February 2019: the Child and the Ring

You may benefit from unexpected help as the Child is here to assist you in any endeavor you may wish to start at this time. The Ring may manifest as a contract that will fulfill a longtime ambition or you may receive a lovely gift. Whatever may be brought to your attention is meant to be for your benefit. Just keep an open mind to what may be offered as it will enhance your life later on.

March 2019: the Horseman and the Bear

The Horseman brings new people, sometimes new bosses, new streams of income or information related to your money. As the Bear rules all finances, this month should open your eyes on how to improve your cash flow. You may meet someone who is financially independent or well versed into money either by profession or by inclination. Take the opportunity to empower yourself as you will have the information you need to boost your financial outlook. 

April 2019: the Tower and the Bouquet

Enjoy April as a promotion or an acknowledgment for your hard work is about to make you very happy. You will feel good about the way your superiors speak of you, and how your contribution is being perceived. Your personal life will be full of lovely moments that will boost your moral and ego. You are moving forward. Take it all in, you deserve it! 

May 2019: the Bear and the Cross

The month may start a little rocky with some anxiety around your finances; however, the Bear gives you the strength to address any money problem. Sometimes, the Bear represents a boss or a superior stressing you out; if so, the Cross asks you to have faith as it will be short-lived. Share your concerns with trusted people, it would alleviate your worries and restore your confidence. Ask, and you will receive…

July 2019: the Bouquet and the Tree

The Bouquet is about receiving and healing; if you have experienced some stressful times, you will recharge on a vacation. Take care of yourself by nurturing your body since the Tree is about your life force. Go to the spa, eat better or start a hobby that will feed your senses. You will feel rejuvenated!

June 2019: the Dog and the Bouquet

Happy gatherings are coming your way in June! People you know will invite you to join them for a wedding or for a dinner. Go as you will be entertained! Friendships will blossom to create lifelong memories. If your health is challenged, your condition will improve greatly under the care of a caring professional. Be blessed.

August 2019: the Letter and the Mountain

Patience is required this August! You may have to wait longer for an answer or your message may take longer to reach its destination. Timing is everything but when it is not the right moment, focusing on other tasks until the synchronicity finally happens is the best course of action. Don’t try to control, instead just go with the flow.

September 2019: the Bear and the Mice

This month focuses on expenses, and especially the ones that are unexpected; the Bear is all about management of resources while the Mice eat whatever you have. Allocate your cash flow properly just in case. The combination sometimes warns of food contamination so proper hygiene when cooking and eating out should neutralize any potential issue. Follow your instinct and you will be fine.

October 2019: the Dog and the Lily

The Dog is about friendship and people you know; expect phone calls, invites for lunch or to some zen activity. Elderly individuals, represented by the Lily, could require your attention at work or within your social circle. Listen carefully as an advice from an older person could turn out to be valuable for your peace of mind.

November 2019: the Whip and the Garden

You will be a busy bee this month according to the Whip; you may feel like your social agenda is beyond full since the Garden symbolizes events like concerts, sports, and outdoor activities. However, you will get a lot of things done! The balance between work and play is always tricky but your energy is so strong that you will be able to do it all. Have fun!


December 2019: the Dog and the Woman

Women would be the highlight of December; your spouse, girlfriend, female friends or co-workers will play a positive role at this time. Because the Dog is about friendship, the message is about receiving and sharing with another; a woman in your circle may say or do something that you will be grateful for. Your partner may shower with love and understanding for a situation you are stressed about. Celebrate the women in your life as they will be your guiding stars for the New Year 2020!


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Copyright Sylvie Steinbach 2017-2019

Sylvie Steinbach has appeared in various radio-shows over the years. She contributed to magazines like "The Magician", the journal of the Tarot Guild of Australia, and to Ciro Marchetti's companion e-book for his Reverie Lenormand when it was self-published in 2012.
Sylvie made herself known when she hosted a virtual class on Aeclectic forum, from 2007 to 2008 to share her Lenormand knowledge, and to expand upon her book "The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle" released in 2007. Her teachings triggered the revival around the Lenormand cards in the United States, and beyond.

From 2009 on, she participated to many international workshops and webinars on the Lenormand, while hosting No Layout classes online, and contributing to two forums hosted on Ning.

In 2013, Sylvie made an appearance on the French version of "Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills", produced by TF1 in French language. 

Sylvie Steinbach was also mentioned in the best seller book "Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan For Eliminating The Root Cause and Revolutionizing Your Health" (2013), from Alejandro Junger, a New York Times best seller author. 

That same year, Sylvie released her STS Lenormand decks as an independent publisher and the deck was chosen to illustrate her Russian translated best seller book for the Russian market.

In 2014, a special interview with Sylvie on her karmic astrology was released under Mystic Journey Bookstore production; another video on the STS Lenormand was released by Mystic Journey Production and she has been contributing to Mystic Journey yearly forecast since then.

In 2015,  Sylvie participated to a live broadcast, Los Angeles - Moscow for the release of the Russian translation of "The Secrets of The Lenormand Oracle".

By 2017, Sylvie opened her own online school called "Esoteric Academia" to provide a special learning place for seekers and professional readers.

In 2018, her YouTube channel Esoteric Academia for eduction and entertainment purposes was launched to showcase her work, knowledge and abilities.

In December 2018, Sylvie Steinbach released her second book "The Secrets of the Belline Oracle", the first English manual on the highly respected French oracle from Belline and Mage Edmond. 

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A promotional live broadcast in duplex with Moscow was recorded on May 24th, 2014 for the release of the Russian translation of "The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle"; the video is in Russian and English but the Russian translator is predominant on the audio so you may have to be very patient and attentive to hear Sylvie. Keep in mind that this video was made for the Russian market and audience. 


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