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Sylvie Steinbach published in 2007 the first English literature exclusively centered on the Lenormand Oracle (the 36 Lenormand deck called 'le petit jeu' in French). "The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle" introduced her innovative approach to reading the cards called the 'No Layout' system.

Her presence on the web and her free teachings on Aecletic Tarot and Lenormandnz forum created a lot of controversy since the traditional way to reading the deck was layout based and mainly relying on a large spread called "le Grand Tableau".

However for many Lenormand devotees, her approach to the oracle added a new swing to its history and started a resurgence of interest around the cards in the Anglo-Saxon countries that knew little about this oracle while creating excitement in Western Europe. More decks and books got published and today, anyone wanting to learn the Lenormand cards will find an array of layouts, methods and decks to play with...

"The secrets of the Lenormand Oracle" became its own language in the Lenormand community when it was nicknamed the SLO (pronounced 'slow') and a No Layout, a NLO (said "nolo") by students and followers.

Sylvie Steinbach called her method the No Layout to describe the technique by which the reader does not follow a preset mental map of positions when selecting the cards out of the deck such as in a Celtic Cross (tarot) or a Grand Tableau (traditional Lenormand). Additionally, the word "keycard" was used to introduce the concept of "charging" a focus card with a name, concept or thing to activate the oracle in a reading to enhance its accuracy.

The manual introduces the technique in basic 5 card answers to offer a quick start in reading the cards. Many tried to call this technique a simple 5 or 7 card line up when in fact, the No Layout system goes beyond such simplicity to include layers of interpretation with specific approaches that could not be shared in this introduction.

Sylvie Steinbach demonstrated over the years online and in live teachings that her Lenormand comprehension and skills are unmatched when it comes to show how the cards speak to the reader. Many of her students around the world have become professionals in their own rights and new leaders in the Lenormand field. 

"The Secrets of The Lenormand Oracle" is now a classic reference book for many Lenormand practitioners and available on Amazon and at the book depository as well at fine retailers around the world. If you are a beginner or if you are looking for taking your understanding of the Lenormand cards to the next level, online classes are available online. Check our events!


By Sylvie Steinbach - copyright 2013

Sylvie Steinbach released in February 2013 a new Lenormand deck called the STS Lenormand Oracle, designed specifically for psychics and clairvoyants to promote insights and spiritual healing. Each card illustrates a predominant Lenormand symbol with its corresponding playing card reference to ease the mind's response to the oracle's message. 

True to the traditional Lenormand symbolism, the deck emanates the atmosphere of a lost era, both mysterious and evocative. Two versions are now available, the original edition in gorgeous colors and its counterpart, the Black & White edition as an embodiment of the 1930's. A masters set combining both versions is also offered for those experimental readers who would use two decks at once or need several people cards in multiple combination layouts. 

The STS letters set on the deck's back comes from the initials of the author and the idea of the T used to symbolize the Tree of Life with two Serpents (S) facing each other; this is an ancient depiction of the Garden of Eden, or Mu, on which the serpents of knowledge and wisdom are wrapped around.

Feedback from STS Lenormand customers

Sue: "I received my deck today. They are beautiful I love them."
Veerle: "My cards arrived today! I really like them, also did a reading with them. The cards are very beautiful and it's easy to associate them with the NLO meanings!"
Dennis: "I just received mine today. The colors are amazing and I was able to immediately connect with the cards :)"
Donna: "I received the cards this week and they are beautiful"
Lisa: "I received it today, it is truly lovely"

Bobbi El - November 2014


The STS Lenormand is great for beginners who need strong visual symbolism to speed the learning process; each symbol shines through without distraction or unwanted details. Each card displays the card reference number, the title of the card and its playing card correspondence as well as our copyright in a discreet writing.
Released first in March 2013, the STS color deck has attracted a lot of psychics and clairvoyants. 
The Poker size is the original format but the Bridge version added in 2014, is great for smaller hands. If you have any question regarding any of our STS Lenormand, please email us before ordering.

COLOR STS version has 36 symbolic cards in addition to the duplicates which are the man, the woman and the child set in the front in black & white while the back of the card remains in color. The reader can use those duplicates as extra people in a variety of spreads like in the case of gay relationship inquiries for example. We also added the house, the ship, the book, the ring, the fox and the fish in black & white front/color back to double the keycards the reader can use as topics. For instance, if you need to figure out the outcome of two projects, you can utilize the color and B&W book cards in the same reading to represent those concepts. Their color back will blend with the rest of the deck when fanned face down. 

STS Lenormand B&W (black and white artwork) is perfect for art lovers and collectors; the artwork is reminiscent of the 1930's, creating a mysterious atmosphere in readings. The set involves the same number of cards and identical duplicates found in the color version; however the 
man, woman and child as well as the house, ship, book, ring, fox and fish are colored with their back set in black & white. This feature allows the use of two people of the same sex or two identical topic/ keycards (in the same layout) without confusion once those cards are faced up.

Each deck comes within a sturdy clear plastic box and a little white intro emailed in attachment in your order confirmation. In the cart menu, carefully select the size you want. We offer two sizes, Poker STS 2.5''×3.5'' (63.5mm×89mm)  and Bridge STS 2.25''×3.5'' (57mm×89mm).

The price for the STS Lenormand deck (STS Lenormand color or STS Lenormand B&W) regardless of size is set at:
35 USD + 10.95 USD for shipping and handling to anywhere in the world.

For advanced readers who would like to purchase our STS MASTERS Combo, made of two STS Lenormand (color + B&W), we also have the POKER and BRIDGE size options. In addition to the 36 symbols (36x2 in the master set), we have extra people cards: an additional set of man, woman and child with color front/back version and the other set of man, woman and child with the B&W front/back set up. Those duplicates can be used as replacement cards.

However we have added 3 color people cards with B&W backs and 3 black&white people cards with colored back - as we did in our regular deck. Why? So that the reader can insert them as well in addition to the 36 symbols. When the deck is fanned face down, all the backs look the same but when the reader flips the face up, the distinctive people cards will differentiate from the regular ones. 

Additionally, Eastern European readers like to use two decks for "negative and positive" influences so this variation allows them to expand to Lenormand reversed meanings. Finally, in using the house system in the traditional Lenormand, one deck can serve as a static house reference while the reader uses the other set to do the Grand Tableau spread. 

In the No Layout methodology, duplicates of that kind may add layers in the keycards charged to answer an inquiry without any hesitation or confusion. 

As you can imagine, there is nothing that this combo of two decks can not do for you; this is a tremendous value for 2 decks and since it is a heavy set, it will not come in a plastic box but shrink wrapped instead. 

The STS Masters Combo is priced at 55 USD + 10.95 USD for worldwide destinations!

The Alone Lenormand is a beautifully designed deck from a Russian artist who entrusted us to offer this cropped version (no borders for a pop-up effect), in a BRIDGE size and coming in a clear sturdy plastic box. The deck has extra duplicates of the people cards and some of the topic cards. You can mark those cards to make them distinctive if you wish to add it to the original 36, in order to create additional players in your layouts. 

The deck is offered at 35 USD + 10.95 USD for shipping and handling to worldwide destinations. 

Before ordering, it is advisable to email us for any questions regarding the decks or the ordering process. We will be happy to assist you. Our decks are made to order and therefore from the time of your order, the production time can take 2/3 days before being ready to ship. Most destinations get their order in 14 business days however you should be patient as delay may occur. If you are more comfortable with Etsy, we have a store there as well with the same prices

If you are a returning customer, you may have noticed our price and shipping increase; the cost of production in self-publishing has doubled in the past 3 years as well as the shipping rates across the globe. Custom fees have been added on our shipments to Europe, which we decided to absorb instead of passing them to those customers. We hope to stay the recipient of your continuous support as we partially adjust our prices to keep up with those costs.  

When you are ready, order your favorite Lenormand using the shopping card below; you have to choose between seven options depending on style, combo and size. Take the time to double check your choice before paying for your order. 


You can continue to shop from the shopping card you are re-directed to, just click "keep shopping" and it will send you back here! You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase!

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a free Little White Book in attachment if you have ordered any STS Lenormand oracle; this companion booklet includes basic definitions for all Lenormand decks - NOT included if you order exclusively the "Alone Lenormand" deck.

Read carefully so you understand our shipping and handling policy:

If you order only one deck from one edition, your S&H will be 10.95 USD to any destination in the world. However if you order one deck from each edition (7 available), in your cart you will see 76.65 USD for shipping (7x10.95). There is no combined shipping unless it is from the same edition!

You can order more than one deck if it is in the same edition and the shipping fee will remain 10.95 USD. But for each separate edition, the minimum fee for shipping applies! If you are confused, contact us via email and tell us what you are trying to do. We will assist you. Most customers order one deck at a time or two sometimes and they understand the shipping double if the decks are from different editions. Larger orders are usually emailed to us first so we can process them differently to your benefit.

Shipping time may vary from one country to another so allow 14 business days after receiving our shipping confirmation email. Contact us if you still haven't received your shipment after that period is completed. If any issue, email us pictures and documentation for a full refund or new shipment.

Order processing, production and shipping are located outside of the USA. Most of our orders will come with a tracking number once it has landed to the continent of destination. We share that information as soon as it is made available by the shipping department. 

 We are available to answer any inquiry - service is important to us!

Email us before ordering if you have questions. 

More than 250 STS original color edition decks sold around the world since 2013!


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