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Sylvie Steinbach is a respected super-intuitive with a thriving practice in Los Angeles. Born with the gift, she started to share her insights early and became a professional in her early 20's.

For almost 30 years, Sylvie has guided an extensive clientele from many countries and cultures, including high-profile business leaders and celebrities to greater achievements using her gift to foresee trends and events. Her talent and uncanny insights has made her one of "Hollywood Best Secrets Assets" among the entertainment community.

Sylvie offers sessions that empower each client to manifest or change outcomes when one knows the cause and effect of each decision. Her ability to tap into potential futures helps evaluate how each client can benefit from the best decisions.

Sylvie Steinbach offers comprehensive karmic astrology sessions as part of her expertise, tracing the soul's evolution from past lives into the present to map the specific goals of this incarnation. Her guidance counsels in ways that speaks to the human spirit, unlocking the soul's design to realign the person with its life's purpose.

As an intuitive profiler, she has been an asset in various legal matters from selecting the best legal representation to providing support with her insights during litigation. Her ability to read human behavior has been instrumental in mediation and settlement 

Sylvie Steinbach is a published author since 2007, and a noted lecturer on the Lenormand oracle facilitating workshops internationally and offering online classes. She created in 2017 the Esoteric Academia, a web-based school open to students worldwide.

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~*~ About 
Sylvie Steinbach ~*~

Born in France from a documented lineage of Freemasons and gifted intuitives, Sylvie Steinbach started her esoteric studies at the age of 11. Born with a powerful foresight, she underwent an introspective journey through different tools like cards, pendulum, astral projection and crystal vision in order to experiment and master her talent. 

Meanwhile she began her reading experience with the Lenormand cards, a family signature deck from her aunt and grand mother with their own practice. She provided her insights between classes to her high school mates. By 19 years old, she decided to learn Astrology and was accepted by the Rosicrucian Fellowship in their spiritual Astrology program in Ardeche, France. While learning from the Rosicrucians, Sylvie discovered that her abilities allowed her to 'decode' a natal chart as a downloadable blue print of the individual soul. 
After completion, she moved on to produce her own radion show on Karmic Astrology, unveiling the past life and current life path of participants, live on the air. Her innovative approach to past lives, destiny, and life purpose contributed to her reputation as one of the best Karmic astrologers in the world. Finally, Sylvie crossed the Atlantic...

Sylvie Steinbach gained popularity in the U.S.A. for her highly accurate insights. She has performed over 25,000 sessions and her international clientele are from italy, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, UK, Belgium, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, India and the UEA. 
In 2007, Sylvie Steinbach became an influential authority after the release of "
The Secrets of The Lenormand Oracle", a manual on the classic European 36 card deck, reviving strong interest around the Lenormand in the English speaking countries and in Europe. She introduced her innovative "No Layout" System, as applied in her daily professional practice to provide an alternate method to the traditional use of the oracle. Her students are now from all over the world, from Hong Kong to Russia. Her STS Lenormand deck became a self-published reality in 2013, welcomed with rave reviews and featured in the Russian language release of her best seller book in 2014.

In December 2018, Sylvie Steinbach released the first English manual on the French Belline oracle, originally designed by Mage Edmond, and released later on by Marcel Belline. The deck is part of the French historical records, and the original cards can be seen in the Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée (MUCEM) in Marseille (France). "The Secrets of the Belline Oracle
" was recognized by the Belline Estate as an outstanding contribution to the Edmond-Belline Heritage...


Sylvie Steinbach graduated from a French college in the fields of marketing and business in 1986 and once in the United-States, she pursued licenses in securities (series 6/63/26), real estate and insurance in the state of California. She expanded her understanding of the human mind by receiving several certifications in hypnotherapy. 

Her knowledge in investments (annuities, health/life insurance, mutual funds), real estate, international economy, foreign cultures and mind psychology contributes to the clarity of her coaching sessions. Sylvie consults for many CEO, influential personalities, and she has contributed to the financial success of many stars of the infomercial and entertainment world for over 25 years



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